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Who we are...........

Since 1986 we have been a full service private investigation agency successfully using the best

of old school techniques while developing new techniques and following the newest technology and innovative

strategies to be successful in all of our cases.

What you will get is honest hard work performed in a professional style, fairly priced and done in a way that

will never compromise your case and end-goal. We listen to you without preconceived ideas.

We completely understand that many of the cases we handle will have lasting and significant impact, even life changing results

for you , your children's lives and careers.

We're not fictional "Hollywood" detectives. This is real life, this is your real life.

We are low-key and confidential. 85% of our clients having been with us for over 15 years.

Most of our new clients come through referral from our existing clients as we have earned their trust by being successful in what we do.

Our clients are a complete mix of the community, large & small businesses and corporations; self employed persons and licensed

professionals, the mining, gaming and aerospace industries, computer firms, manufacturing even political parties, cities and county governments

as well as the guy next door who is just as concerned who his daughter is marrying.We handle personal cases and business cases, we background

check and rent in-home surveillance cameras to verify what nannies and home care workers are doing unsupervised.

Our team members constantly receive advance training regardless of how long they have been with us.

Our investigators also remain focused on a speciality, they are not doing surveillance on Monday, research on Tuesdays and something

else on Wednesday. There is no substitute for real-life successful experience. Our newest employee on the team has been with us ten years,

some since we opened the doors in 1986.

As you navigate around our site, we hope to educate you, inform you and offer some self-help solutions. Our telephone consultations

remain at no charge and we invite you to call us and simply discuss what you are facing and hear what we can do for you.

Our website is designed to constantly be a work in progress and we invite you back to view these frequent changes.



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