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Christine Abbott

Clarity, Control & Peace of Mind

Once or maybe twice in an entire lifetime a person will find that they are at a single point where the very next word or decision can cost them absolutely everything they have worked for their entire life.

A time when the next thing said or action taken will literally change their destiny and in changing their destiny, change their children's lives.

An uninformed, irrational or poorly made decision or action will decide whether you will lose everything .....every opportunity..... your and even quite literally your freedom.

Seldom does someone come to us when things are going well. In crisis most commonly we see people who are normally resourceful and successful in solving their problems but, for whatever current reason, have found themselves in a problem that is far beyond their skill set.

Informed and forward thinking persons know that obtaining information and advice from competent, knowledgeable professional investigators like ourselves will allow them to remain in front of the crisis curve well enough in advance to allow for changes and results.

I can guarantee, if your sixth sense is telling you something is wrong, almost without exception there is.

Don't wait, we offer free telephone consultations that are absolutely private & confidential.

Since 1986 we have successfully managed over 30,000 successful cases. Call or email today to discuss how we can help.

Thank you -Christine Abbott

Main Office 602-952-9500

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Christine Abbott



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