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Of all the investigative specialities we provide, here are six topics covering frequently asked questions


The only way to be successful in following someone in our congested traffic and commercial centers and into neighborhoods that are fearful of "stranger-danger" and crime is to use professional surveillance investigators.

To do Surveillance successfully requires doing it everyday. If you hire an investigator who does surveillance one day, court research another day and something else a third day you are not going to get successful results.

Getting caught by the subject on surveillance ruins the entire idea, wastes not only time, but also what is irreplaceable is "opportunity", maybe that one time only of catching your subject doing what you suspected.

Doing professional surveillance also requires a wide array of professional equipment with the investigator at all times, miniature video-recorders, body worn recorders, devices to remain covert while working within a few feet of the subject, night-vision filming capability and the ability to report and interpret accurately what is observed and documented. Honest reporting, integrity not to get you into a situation that legally may compromise your case or inquiry.

Abacus has successfully performed over 250,000 hours of surveillance, our surveillance investigators only do surveillance and they perform more surveillance in one year than the average one-man shop would work in a lifetime of general investigations


99% success rate on the first day.

When hidden digital video recorders are used to watch babysitters and nannys 99 times out of 100 we catch abuses the very first day ! We provide very reasonablly priced rentals that include delivery and set-up, testing and all supplies. The rental price also includes removal, analysis of the activity and copies of the DVD documenting the abuses, theft or other negative acts. Virtually 99% of the time abuses take the form of hitting, slapping, pushing or other assualts including burning or threatening to burn by bringing a heated object close then closer as the child or elderly adult screams and cries for help.


The phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure should have been the catchphrase for private investigation. It would be a wonderful way to live if everyone looked out for one another. If what you saw is what you got, who people said they are, is exactly consistent with their actions. Unfortunately since the time of recorded history, people have sought to advantage themselves at the cost of others. But there are also legitimate reasons to need to know things become commitments of time, money and years of your life when it it not only makes sense, but intelligent living requires questioning the past to predict the future. Life, by definition accumulates questions. Our personal investigations are just about equally divided, half come to us after having doubts yet they still continued until something drastic cost them time, money, their freedom or even the life of a loved one. or even their freedom. The other half of our clients have learned from sometimes difficult experience that spending a modest amount in advance of a situation without exception is worth 100-times the amount if for nothing than piece of mind. It is always amazing that intelligent, otherwise wise and savvy people are constantly given over to the most improbable stories and scams that if someone else had told them, they would have laughed how obviously false it was. Call us, we can describe precisely how to cost effectively check out people, representations and just about everything.

since 1986 - honest answers & solutions


About 50% of our calls are people who have tried the self-search type of internet websites and then find out a bait & switch on price or get hundreds of listings that are just piles and stacks of names or data. In the 21st. century the mastery is not finding information but being able to quickly and efficiently sort down from millions of documents to the proper ones. Our researchers only do research, we use limited access, expensive databases that are not open to non-licensed public sector. It's what we do professionally, don't waste your time and money to get unverified stacks of data. Often our total charges are significantly less that you could get buying old information from bulk sellers over the internet. Give us a call, often we can direct you where to go for free. More complicated issue? Trust us to get the information, verified, on time and on budget!

Debugging = TSCM

Technical Surveillance


Spying on your secrets using electronics remains the number ONE method of intrusion. The availability of cheap & effective listening devices have flooded the internet. How much is your creative idea worth? or your private conversations? Illegal wiretapping remains the fastest way for criminals and foreign entities to steal years worth of R&D, customer lists and financial information.

Abacus is the only agency that maintains a full staff of investigators trained and continuously educated in the detection of listening, recording and monitoring devices. Call us TODAY , because by the time you think you are being monitored, you probably are.

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Its true, most people will never come in contact with the criminal justice system beyond the Law & Order drama shows. The number one reaction we get when a person or some family member is suddenly trust into the system is their confusion why the truth is just not explained, and the forensic evidence run in the first twenty minutes. After all, its really very simple, they have the wrong person in custody, that being you or a trusted loved one. This is real life, if you are arrested or questioned after being in custody the reality is there is less than ONE PERCENT chance you are going to be set free with no charges pending. There are many things that happen to effect an arrest but once the wheels of justice begin spinning you are going to need a public defender or privately retained attorney. The quickest the case can be resolved is likely six months or if a felony you can count on a quick resolution for someone who didn't do anything to be more like One Year in pretrial arraignments, hearings, motions etc. and NOTHING will ever be the same regardless of the outcome even if you did not go to trial.

In 35 years, 30,000 cases I cant recall one case where the detectives believed they were wrong and released the person. Look at those odds 30,000 to one and it still hasn't happened and it wont happen in your case. The police and prosecutors are people we all pay not to make what they believe are judgement errors and they have an extremely tough job. The decision to arrest and charge someone often has to be made quickly simply because of they are overworked, understaffed and crime is at an all time high. None of that matters when it is you who has been arrested and charged but those are the facts.

The detectives are NOT hired to clear you from committing the crime, they are paid to make the best informed decision they can under the circumstances, then let the district attorney and courts sort out the details. Those details include if you even did the crime. The presumption in the system is not of innocence until proven guilty as the law requires. People are simply people and the belief with the police, prosecutors and even jurors is if you were arrested then you are guilty, more or less of some part of the charged crime.

Seems everybody has a friend, who has a friend, who knows an attorney friend who says this case is a no brainier and they shouldn't have even charged you. To someone who doesn't know the system that is GREAT news and matches the way you feel. Like buying a car and the salesman telling you everything you want to hear about your dream car.

Believe these two issues:

One, there are no slam dunk cases. There is no such thing as a no brainer case. In our opinion, if any attorney ever guarantees you youll never spend a day in jail, or theyll guarantee the case will be dropped, RUN, dont walk, run away and keep running until you find an attorney who will tell you if you have been charged as an innocent person there is a lot to worry about and he should be clear on what that jeopardy is and discuss a strategy on a defense.

Two, you will go to prison if you lie to your attorney or the police. That will be discovered and once you have been found to have told a lie everything you say afterwords will be looked on a a potential lie, your case will fail and fail especially if you are innocent. If you told a lie when arrested or when excited, or impaired tell your attorney immediately.

Now-a-days being convicted or placed on deferred prosecution or probation will effect material liberties in your life. The ability to travel, it will damage your credit and certainly your reputation even if released or found innocent. Your freedoms to drive a car, drink alcohol, possess a firearm, vote and even use a computer for any reason. How many people could continue their occupation if banned from using any computer?

There no television moments when the police or prosecutors realize they have been wrong, apologize shake you hand and set you free, never.

Your best option is to go with an investigator and attorney that doesn't just say things to make you feel good, but someone who can be specific, direct and tell you precisely what needs to happen to win.

If charged with a major crime, no legitimate investigator can work directly for you without an attorney managing the case. The state or prosecutor have endless resources and the police and other agencies for investigation. If you are involved in a felony, beside an attorney you will need an investigator and possibly expert witness to counter the evidence being brought against you.

Call us for a free consultation, when it comes to defense in a criminal case there is no one, no agency that does it better and have more successes that we do.

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