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if everyone followed the straight & narrow...

In many ways a corporation is just like a human body. It can be infinately complex with it's own subsystems and subcultures that operate independently of the whole. The average corporation moves by momentum as much as the interpersonal relationships that exist and florish independant of corporate flow charts, divisions of services and any and all rules. Like a human, corporations only become sick, or broken or develope corrupt practices when the people in any of the levels cause it to be.

Like a once healthy person who becomes sick, corporations have clear symptoms of being sick, or beginning not to work well as corporations but, oftentimes, the symptoms go unrecognized and untreated.

Virtually 100% of the people we catch embesseling funds are the people, who in other times, would be the least likely to do this. When considering who may be the suspect in thefts or financial probelms in a coprporation it's usually the employees management would virtually guarentee would be the least likely. That of course is why in Las Vegas, Phoenix & Scotsdale the average length of time a theft or embesslement goes on undetected is 5-7 years.

If there is a Number One profile it is that the most trusted, average appearing middle aged worker is the one who is either addicted to quarter slots or buying merchandise on-line or from infomercials. The range of theft is usually $600,000 to $1.5 million.

The nexus of the entire corporate employee community finds the most unexpected relationships between co-worker relatives, friends, fellow church members and neighbors. It is those relationships that also cause best friends within a company to not participate in a financial loss, but these friendships or relationships conceal and misdirect the loss. Obviously if a corporation was a non-human mechanical device, tracing the problem would be purely a diagostic process but it is not. Our expertise is people and systems both are the main forces within the corporation.

Our overwhelming advantge is not only our sucessful experience in over 30,000 corporate assignments, but going in we understand we know nothing about your individual corporation, we have no preconceived ideas, no knowledge of the employees and their good and bad personalities. We are masters in understanding the people who run and operate and absorb themsleves in your corporation and we provide very successful solutions, stratagies and results in a short period of time.

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